Advertisement and localized SMS

Favorite and most efficient way of targeted advertising. Reach out to your customers via mobile phone.
Choose your exact target group as per detailed parameters and contact potential customers close to your business area or store via localized SMS.
of customers open your text
of customers react to your text
of customers click on SMS with www link

How does it work?

You can access approximately 1.5 million databases of mobile operators containing customer approval for SMS ads. The user does not need to have a GPS or a mobile app.

Choose from more than 20 targeting criteria, in addition to necessary parameters as gender, age or place of residence and postal code. You can also reach customers by mobile type, social status, income level, tradespeople, students and others.

A unique criterion is online localization: reach customers directly nearby to your shop when they are just passing by.

How to benefit?

Gain new customers.
Keep the loyalty of current customers.
Immediate revenue increase.
Advertising, news, opening a new store, launching an e-shop, discounts, Christmas events, insurance and banking, market research and many more …

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