Mobile payments

The simple and easy way of mobile payment.

MORE THAN 50% of customers use mobile payments in the Slovak Republic…

This payment form has become part of the first offer for payment modes for smaller goods and services.
  • Simple
  • quick and easy,
  • no registration, debit or credit card or cash needed,
  • available with any mobile (smartphones but also older phones),
  • available with all the mobile operators,
  • moreover, payment is automatically included in the invoice from the mobile operator (or withdrawn from the credit)

How does it work?

The customer usually sends the SMS to a short number (e.g., 1100, 707, etc.) in the prescribed format. Majority of SMS generated revenue, which is already a standardized business model in the Slovak Republic with realization within one month, belongs to you.

How to use it?

Ideal for smaller transactions up to EUR 20, e.g., e-shop payment for small purchases, access to content or VIP section on your website, short-term insurance, lottery, parking, ticket, etc.

Universal payment solution for your business.

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