Premium SMS and SMS contests

If you want to achieve any of these goals, you should choose SMS consumer contests:
support sales
increase revenues
gain new customers and/or access database of potential customers
image campaign and/or loyalty bonus

Advantages of SMS customer contests

For customers

It is easy, quick and attractive. No need to fill in the forms or coupons and send via post, or fill in the details via internet for the customer.

For you

Cover the costs with revenue from SMS. You own marketing tool – mobile and SMS platform to interact with your customers and motivate them to join again.

We suggest how to set the contest parameters, SMS price, or winning amount to achieve the set goals (such as a 3% increase in revenue). With the correct setup of the contest, you will be able to cover the prizes from SMS, and more importantly the competition becomes self-supporting.

How does it work?

SMS contests use PREMIUM SMS – SMS with the higher tariff, which varies between 0.10 EUR – 10 EUR. The customer participates in the contest to win attractive prizes (car, flat, money …) and you get part of the SMS revenue to cover a part of the costs. We provide complete turnkey implementation, including drawing application, reporting, and legal services.

Where to use PREMIUM SMS?

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