Mobile flash surveys

Market surveys within few minutes? Yes! Simply through SMS.

Unique, quick and economic market research VIA MOBILE with results up to few minutes online.

Quick & simple

Economic solution with no call center or poll agents

Instant results

Automatic results, instant and online.

Accurate targeting

Via detailed criteria, we focus your target group.

Much quicker, less expensive, more effective and more targeted compared to other surveys.

How does it work?

First, we generate a detailed customer database. Databases are a combination of mobile operators, BIG DATA and possibly your own.

Then we send the SMS with the www link under which the online survey is located.

Responses to this “mobile questionnaire” are automatically displayed online in the statistics so you can track them within the campaign. We deliver the final results within 48 hours.

How to benefit?

FLASH MOBILE SURVEY is ideal for simpler and shorter surveys with max. 5-8 questions when you want to quickly verify some information with your existing or potential customers, such as Satisfaction Survey, New Store Opening, New Job Offer, and many more …

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