Mobile loyalty programs

Loyalty cards are a long time gone. No wallet, we use mobile.
Loyalty cards, coupons, vouchers, codes, and discounts directly through mobile devices “lighten” your customers’ wallets from the many plastic cards while still having access to them. Moreover, you can communicate with your customers easily and at any time via mobile, application or SMS. It’s a cheaper, faster and more acceptable solution to customers.

We support you to keep loyal customers, attract new ones, and earn more – through targeted direct-to-mobile communications.

How does it work?

Create or transfer your current loyalty club to an online or offline mobile app or send an electronic loyalty card to your customers. Customers can receive a variety of messages from the mobile club and benefit directly from the mobile environment. We prepare for you a turnkey project from design, promotion, support, supervision, optimization, and reporting.

How to benefit?

The mobile club has many advantages and benefits, such as: 
– distribution of digital vouchers, coupons, codes,
– inform your customers about the membership advantages,
– receive feedback,
– solution through customer service, orders or e-shop.

Mobile loyalty club reduces your advertising and promotional costs, maintains good relationships with existing customers even after buying, acquires new customers and helps you avoid “nonprofit” customers.

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